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Billy Vs Snakeman [Jun. 7th, 2008|03:06 pm]
So, I mentioned this to several people, and have now posted a link to it... SO PLAY! If you get to Chunin, I get special bonuses.

Be the Ultimate Ninja! Play Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN today!
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I Hate Dell... [Mar. 30th, 2007|10:58 am]
[Current Mood |angryPOed]

I ordered a new power cord and battery from dell about a week ago, and they arrived today. The power cord was about two feet long... in other words COMPLETELY USELESS! What do they expect me to do? Carry a freaking extension cord with me everywhere? I mean, its not even long enough for me to sit at a desk with it plugged in! WTF is Dell thinking?

At least the battery works... I think... I hope it does... I'll get back to you all on that.
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iTunes Meme (Again) [Mar. 15th, 2007|01:03 am]
So, I did this about a year and a half ago, and decided I want to do it again to see how much changed.

iTunes Meme

2826 songs, 7 days, 10.54 GB

Sort by song title
First: '85 Radio Special Thank You - They Might Be Giants
Last: Zoot Suit Riot - Rockapella

Sort by time
Least: Stardust Fanfare - Akitaka Tohyama
Most: Soul of an Angel - Paul Oakenfield

Sort by artist
First: Yummy Yummy Yummy - 1910 Fruitgum Company
Last: A to Z - ZZ

Sort by album
First: Pornography - The Crüxshadows
Last: Hang - Matchbox Twenty

Date added
Earliest: Hands Up - Black Eyed Peas
Latest: For Now - Avenue Q Cast

Top Five Most Played Songs
1. Viva Rock - ORANGE RANGE
2. Super Trampoline School Kid - The Pillows
3. Blues Drive Monster - The Pillows
4. Katamari Damashii - Corey vs Corey
5. Bittersweet Symphony (Remix) - Moby

First song that comes up on Shuffle:
Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey

Find "sex." How many songs come up? 21
Find "death." How many song come up? 6
Find "love." How many songs come up? 121

Last song in Purchased Music: None
Artist(s) with Most Albums: They Might Be Giants
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In case anybody actually cares [Jul. 27th, 2006|09:50 pm]
[Current Location |home]
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]
[Current Music |none]

As I said earlier, I got hired by a big ass bookstore to work over the summer. Today, I'm pretty sure I screwed it up and got fired. When I first got there I was told that if I am working outside I could listen to music. turns out they meant "so long as you don't get caught". I should have realized this and left the music at home. anyway, I was listening to my music and happened to look at the flap inside a book when the owner walked out of the store and saw me. she got angry, and told my direct boss to fire me. he gave me a verbal warning and that was good enough for him but not her. so she told him to actually fire me. he told me to head home early and to come in tommorrow to see if i've actually been fired.

I really don't know how i feel about all this stuff. i mean, i hate the job, but the people i work with are cool. and now i prolly won't see most of them again. i mean i feel awful about the possibility of getting fired, but at the same time, i would prefer not to work there all it does is make me feel more and more crazy every week, and i feel like i'm blowing half my paycheck every week on books. I don't know, i almost feel that even if i don't get fired i should quit. the fucking books are too tempting to read and i know i won't be able to stop myself unless i'm put with books that hold no interest to me, and even then i'll prolly find the one book that'll be interesting. i don't really care anymore, it doesn't matter.

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Books [Jul. 19th, 2006|01:03 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredShaking off the fog of sleep]

As some of you may know, I'm working at The Strand, a bookstore, this summer. The Strand is a huge discount bookstore, with the books upward to 50% off. Because I work there, I get 50% off of that price, so I thought that I would offer to buy books for anyone willing to wait until school begins to get them. So, if you want any books, please just leave a reply to this message, and I'll do my best to get them.
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CD Mix Challenge [May. 1st, 2006|04:05 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |My own mix]

I got the idea to post this as a challenge by someone I met today because I was talking to him about this. Anyway... On to the challenge

Come up with a mix of songs for each of the four seasons. Each song must fit the mood of the season for the CD, and each CD must be at least 30 minutes in length and no more than an hour long. In your list, make sure to include the Song's name, the Artist(s) and Original Album.

I got a jump on this, but my mixes aren't finalized yet. I'm seperating the song title's, artists, and albums with ":::::"

Track Number + Song name ::::: Artist ::::: Album
01 Sweet Memories ::::: --------- ::::: .hack//Liminality OST (Disc 1)
02 Together ::::: --------- ::::: .hack//Liminality OST (Disc 1)
03 Untitled ::::: Jackie Daly & Seamus Creagh ::::: 1989 - The Best Of (Vol. 2)
04 I've Seen All Good People: Your Move ::::: Yes ::::: Almost Famous
05 Ask DNA ::::: SEATBELTS ::::: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie OST
06 The Red Kite ::::: Colcannon ::::: Athens Hotel
07 Reels ::::: Colcannon ::::: Athens Hotel
08 Eric's Interlude ::::: Modest Mouse ::::: Good News for People Who Love
09 Do You Love Me ::::: The Contours ::::: Motown: The Classic Years
10 The Blood of Cu Chulainn ::::: ---------- ::::: Boondock Saints
11 Bagpipes Jig ::::: Scottish Bagpipes ::::: Celtic Music
12 Time's Scar ::::: ---------- ::::: Chrono Cross OST
13 Bindy ::::: ????? ::::: Cowboy Bebop
14 Aeris's Theme ::::: London Symphony Orchestra ::::: Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack
15 Sprouting ::::: ---------- ::::: Final Fantasy X OST
16 Maiden of Light ::::: ---------- ::::: La Pucelle: Tactics OST
17 Everything Is New ::::: Fred Alley ::::: It Would Be Enough For Me
Total Run Time: 48.6 minutes

Track Number + Song name ::::: Artist ::::: Album
01 Summer In The City ::::: Lovin' Spoonful ::::: Sixties Classics (Disc. 2)
02 Satin Summer Nights ::::: Paul Simon ::::: Songs From The Capeman
03 Friendship ::::: ---------- ::::: .hack//Liminality OST (Disc 1)
04 Yellow Submarine ::::: The Beatles ::::: 1
05 Renegade Survivor ::::: The Wailing Souls ::::: 2000 Titan A.E.
06 Sandstorm ::::: Da Rude ::::: ----------
07 Conga Fury (Animatrix Edit) ::::: Juno Reactor ::::: Animatrix: The Album
08 Rockaway Beach ::::: Ramones ::::: Anthology - Disc 1 of 2
09 The Middle ::::: Jimmy Eat World ::::: ----------
10 Island In The Sun ::::: Weezer ::::: Weezer (Green Album)
11 Donkey Kong Country Medley ::::: ----------- ::::: Donkey Kong Country
12 Yorii Gallop ::::: The Pillows ::::: FLCL OST
13 California Sun ::::: The Riveras ::::: Good Morning Vietnam
Total Run Time: 44.6 minutes

Track Number + Song name ::::: Artist Album
01 Didn't Know But It Was Love ::::: ------------ ::::: .hack//Liminality OST (Disc 1)
02 It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference ::::: Todd Rundgren ::::: Almost Famous
03 Wake Me Up When September Ends ::::: Green Day ::::: American Idiot
04 The Newry Highwayman ::::: Colcannon ::::: Athens Hotel
05 I Can't Get Next To You ::::: The Temptations ::::: Motown: The Classic Years (Disc 2)
06 The Siblings' Sad Destiny ::::: ------------ ::::: Castlevania Curse of Darkness - soundtrack sampler
07 Gotta knock a little harder ::::: Kanno Yoko ::::: Cowboy BeBop O.S.T. FUTURE BLUES
08 Autumn in Ganyme ::::: ------------ ::::: Cowboy Bebop
09 To Zanarkand ::::: ------------ ::::: Final Fantasy X OST
10 Wind ::::: Akeboshi ::::: Naruto OST
Total Run Time: 33.7 minutes

Track Number + Song name ::::: Artist ::::: Album
01 Once Upon a December ::::: Liz Callaway ::::: Anastasia
02 Crooked Jack ::::: Colcannon ::::: Athens Hotel
03 Porcelain ::::: Moby ::::: ------------
04 Feel Flows ::::: Beach Boys ::::: Almost Famous
05 Shimmer ::::: Fuel ::::: Sunburn
06 You Only Live Twice ::::: Nancy Sinatra ::::: The Best Of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection
07 Kilkelly ::::: Colcannon ::::: Some Foreign Land
08 Anach Cuain ::::: Colcannon ::::: Some Foreign Land
09 Aiolon Ruins ::::: ------------ ::::: Castlevania Curse of Darkness - soundtrack sampler
10 Chocobos Happy Christmas ::::: Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon ::::: Final Fantasy 7 OST
11 Suffering Planet OC ReMix ::::: Composer: Nobuo Uematsu ::::: Final Fantasy 7 OST
12 Orochimaru ~Fight~ ::::: Toshiro Masuda ::::: Naruto Original Soundtrack II
Total Run Time: 46.9 minutes
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2006|01:21 am]
Stole this from huduvudu

Birthday Meme

Go to Wikipedia. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year). List three events that happened on your birthday. List two to four important birthdays and one to three interesting deaths. If any apply, list a holiday. Post this in your journal.


1903 - The Wright Brothers make the first powered heavier-than-air flight in the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
1969 - Project Blue Book: The USAF closes its study of UFOs, stating that sightings were generated as a result of 'A mild form of mass hysteria, Individuals who fabricate such reports to perpetrate a hoax or seek publicity, Psychopathological persons, and Misidentification of various conventional objects'.
1989 - The first episode of The Simpsons airs on FOX.

1239 - Kujo Yoritsugu, Japanese Shogun (d. 1256)
1706 - Émilie du Châtelet, French mathematician and physicist (d. 1749)
1908 - Willard Frank Libby, American chemist and Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1980)
1939 - Eddie Kendricks, American singer (The Temptations) (d. 1992)

942 - William Longsword
1830 - Simón Bolívar, Venezuelan-born President of Bolivia (b. 1783)
1933 - Thubten Gyatso, 13th Dalai Lama (b. 1876)

Roman festivals – Saturnalia, in honor of Saturn, began.
R.C. Saints – O Sapientia ; Saint Lazarus
Greek Orthodox Church – Feast of Daniel the Prophet
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Games [Mar. 18th, 2006|12:10 am]
I have three new games that I've gotten over the past week, and they're all amazing. So I figured I would talk about them.

The first one I got was Creatures: Exodus. This game is a combination of 2 older games, Creatures 3 and Creatures: Docking Station. Its an artificial life simulator. In the game there are these little furry creatures called norns, smaller ones called Ettins and big, green, scaley ones called Grendels. The norns are the nice pets, the ones that the game is about. You are supposed to raise them and stuff. Meanwhile the ettins run around, stealing stuff, and the grendels run around and beat the crap out of everything and everyone. Anyway, I've been doing something called a wolfling run, which basically means I hatch something like 6 to 10 norns, and let it run for a few hours, letting them breed, and letting the weaker ones to die off.

Next is Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, this is a beuatiful game, that is enormously fun. If you haven't played it yet, I say go play it.

Finally is Indigo Prophecy. This game is FREAKY! It actually scares me. At the same time, its absolutely amazing. The story changes dependant upon what you do, and the whole thing is like a suspense movie but longer and interactive.

Okay, Tired now, buh bye
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Update on Zombies [Feb. 23rd, 2006|01:43 am]
I missed at least one update, but whatever.

Status of game
Zombies: 78
Humans: 23
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I'm Late, I'm Late for a very important (up)date [Feb. 22nd, 2006|02:45 am]
Ok, not that important, but still...

Stats As of Midnight:
Zombies: 51
Humans: 50
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